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This product removes the barriers that are responsible for inadequate crops / plant related food supply, as a result of Climatic and Seasonal factors.

Climatic factors: Because of the difference in climatic conditions of the earth, it's quite difficult for most countries in the world to grow some crops such as Apple, grape fruits kiwi fruits and crops plant like palm oil tree and cocoa trees etc. Thanks to some of our products which makes it possible for these crops to grow in most countries of the world nowadays. Our products has beating the constraint brought by hot climatic zones which makes it difficult to have all the food crops / fruits needed.

Seasonal Factors: Most crops are grown seasonally and as a result of this, it's very difficult to have food in abundant enough to cater for the world geometrical growing population. And most countries of the world can't afford to have the storage facilities required for food preservation. The days for such anxiety are gone because most supplements within our reach make it possible for seasonal crops to be all year round. We also have the water spraying machine that sprinkle and splashes water to any lent around the crop farm that requires water daily for their growth.

With this growth regulator product, crops and plants grow all seasons.
These supplements are mainly responsible for growth, regulatory and producing / bearing ability needs of any crop of all kinds (corn, rice, and wheat, vegetables crops of all kinds, fruits crops of all kinds, plants crops of all sorts and crop seeds of all nature) and it's adopt to desert environment areas.

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