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Company£ºLevjenlau Agro & Electrical Co. LTD
Contacts£ºMiss Li
Tel£º+86 2034717885
Mobile£º+86 13632418866 Fax:+86 2034717885
Mail£ºagroelectricals@levjenlau.com levjenlau@163.com
Home Page£ºwww.Levjenlau.com
Address£ºGreenary Street 19A Building,Cliiford Estate ,Zhong Cun Pan Yu GZ China,postcode 511495
Solarize your environment and furnish your house with modern electronic gadgets.

Pollution from fumes and other generator hazards has made life very unbearable for most countries. An immense search for a solution to this problem has made us to arrive at a lasting solution. Levjenlau is an outstanding mediator to deliver to your door naturally enriched source of power supply.

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