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Oversea Training Program/Study

         Human resource development is one of the greatest tools to success in life. Our company provides training program and study opportunities to anyone who has desire to elevate his or her knowledge. There are programs for Agriculture / farming, Engineering, medicine, Chinese medicine and Chinese language programs.

         Our Agricultural related program will equip any of the participants with a wider knowledge in livestock, crops/ plant growth management etc.

         Program for Chinese medicine: The testimony gotten from health officials and patients has led to strive for the need to reduce the intake of orthodox medicines (western medicine) and encourage the use of Chinese traditional medicines in most hospitals.

         After a long research, it has been proven that alternative medicine (traditional medicine) is toxic free and very effective in handling most serious illness such as cancer, liver problems, prostate in men and diabetic disease etc.

        The prescription of Chinese medicines in most hospitals has been welcomed by WHO and patients as well. For most health experts, increasing the intake of naturally enriched herbs for the upkeep of our health is the best way to cure without disastrous side effect. Therefore, a deep training / study opportunities provided with the help of our company will benefit any student who would like to be a guru in traditional medicine.

        It will be a great thing to point out here that all these programs we our company helps to offer, are all taught in English except otherwise......