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Company:Levjenlau Agro & Electrical Co. LTD
Contacts:Miss Li
Tel:+86 2034717885
Mobile:+86 13632418866 Fax:+86 2034717885
Mail:agroelectricals@levjenlau.com levjenlau@163.com
Home Page:www.Levjenlau.com
Address:Greenary Street 19A Building,Cliiford Estate ,Zhong Cun Pan Yu GZ China,postcode 511495
About Us

Levjenlau Agro & Electrical Co. LTD, is a two dimensional company that deals with Agricultural(A-Z livestock power therapy ) and Electrical / Electronic related products.        

  To follow-up the rapid growth/duplication of human population, with abundant food supply and make our lives worth living by boosting the agricultural sector both in rural and urban cities, equip our environment with the modern electrical appliances such as solar panels etc, all these has motivated our company to establish a strong partnership with the major global manufacturers in order to solve the needs of the society.

   We specialize in import, export and production of all Agricultural and Electrical/electronic related products. We act as the client partner and search for the best solutions to provide all your needs for a better living.

  Our products have covered a wide range of market in the world, gained popularity in Asia, Europe and Australia. With our popularity widening year by year, Eastern Europe, Africa and Southern America, have joined the global demanding hub of our products

  In 2012 alone, we accomplished our goal by hitting a new record high compared to our previous dealings when we started newly.